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11 thoughts on “Newsletter Sign-Up

  1. Hi from almost Chicago, Dee – thank you SO MUCH for hanging in there and re-sending to my pesky kindle, the book has stayed in my mind ever since.

  2. I just finished Reading Ethans Fall. Omg I cried so much reading this book. I was so happy for the ending. Great book 1st time reading any of your books 📚. Will you be a The Shameless Book Convention I would love to meet you and buy one of your paperbacks

    • Hi Michelle, Thank you so much, honestly Ethan is one of my favourites so I’m super happy you liked it too. Yes I am signing at Shameless this year..I’m really excited! I haven’t done my pre-order yet but I will post it on the Shameless group and in my reader group (Dee Palmer’s Chosen Ones Reading group) on FB when I do. xdee

    • Hi Sharon, Funny you should mention that…I’m just re-reading Wanted to get back with the characters with that very thing in mind 😉 xdee

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