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I can’t type that without having Tom Jones crooning ‘Pussy Cat’ and honestly, that song was even before my time, and I’m old. Anyway, what’s with the Blog Ms Palmer, I hear you ask?

A thoroughly good question, I reply.

This website was originally a blog, with me jotting down my musings and other rubbish as I began my writer journey. I’m still on that journey, but with other platforms to engage with readers, this website became more static. More a shopfront, however, as I become a tad disillusioned with social media, I thought I would retreat here, where it’s safe. 

Oh, I’m still on Instagram and Facebook, I’m not a hermit but I thought, alongside my newsletter I would, when the time occurs pop in and share my current works, my lessons learned as I remember them and other bits. No memes here, so back to FB or Insta if that’s what you’re after you little scamp.

As I’m in Lockdown #3.5, and have zero space to create without constant interruption, I am currently compiling a Choices Series bible with all key characters, events, etc. I am also compiling a scrapbook of stuff I intend to pull together as an exclusive and limited edition type of giveaway at signings and for my subscribers…not sure how that’s going to work but thought it might be fun.

It also keeps this tiny brain of mine active when it is so desperate to write again and can’t.

If you are here and have had a look around the site, you will already see the new covers for Choices, and I’m excited for the relaunch through Red Velvet Press very soon. Fingers crossed, some more readers are going to fall in love with the infuriatingly sexy Daniel Stone.

I’m not going to tie myself to regular posts, I hate letting people down and this is more a free downloading of my ‘to-do’ and wish-lists combined when they pop in to my head. My newsletter has to be a more structured, but fear not, I shall be back.

Bully me this…

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The missing piece?

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