My Books

The books I have written are of an adult theme. I am not going to lie, they are on the filthy side of smut with a sprinkling of BDSM but they are also unashamedly romantic, because thats what I love.


If you don’t like this sort of thing then please exercise your right not to read because, reading should be enjoyable but if you do, I hope you enjoy The Choices Trilogy and now The Disgrace Trilogy if you do, enjoy them that is, please leave a review. I’ll be very grateful 😉


With much love…



6 thoughts on “My Books

  1. I just love the Never a Choice book. I could not put it down and am now looking for ebook always a Choice and The Only Choice. I only see the paperback books. Are you going to post as ebooks any time soon. I am eager and waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Carol,

      Thank you so much…means the world to me. At the moment the other books are tied to Amazon…if you are able to download the kindle app you can get them like that. Or I am in the process of ending the exclusive contract so all the books will be on all platforms by the end of July. If you sign up to my newsletter I will drop an email to let everyone know when exactly, that happens.

      Thank you again ❤


  2. I just finished reading Never a Choice and I really loved it. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy and Daniel’s POV. Thank you for being the writer that you are.

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